Are You Touch-Deprived?

Our world is becoming increasingly disconnected.


Yes, one could argue the other way around and that our access to technology and the capability to send a message to whomever you want around the world has advanced our connectivity. But that form of communication is not the same connection that I am talking about. I am talking about connecting on a human, face-to-face level.


Our access to the media and the endless amount of entertainment and information that can be found online is doing nothing to promote genuine human interaction. As a result, many in our communities are feeling touch-deprived without even knowing what touch-depravity is.


According to an article by Birgit Otterman for Health24,

“Of the five basic senses, touch is the most neglected one. Sadly, touch is also the one sense essential to life. The healing power of touch has been demonstrated by numerous studies: ranging from babies whose development is stunted when they are deprived of human contact to the elderly who enjoy better health when touched regularly, and patients who recover from their illnesses more quickly when they are touched often.”


Another term for touch-deprivation is “skin-hunger” – which is exactly what it sounds like. Your skin is literally hungry for the touch of another.


Touch makes us feel loved, human, and whole.


Massage is a popular and fitting remedy for skin hunger. There is no denying the healing power of massage. Not only does it ease muscle tension and rid you of those painful knots, it releases positive energy into your system waking up and repairing your muscles as well as your skin.


I urge you to put down the phones and close your laptops. Have a real, face-to-face conversation with a friend or a loved one. Reach out your hand to them and you will get one in return.