How to Get Out of Your Head

Stressed man in outdoors

Thanks to the uncontrollable, stressful and horrible events of this year, you may find yourself falling back and letting the negativity take over. This negativity is what doctors call a negative bias. Negative bias is where you register more negative events that happen in your life and dwell on them more than the positive situations. As humans, we tend to fall into these negative biases. 


The more we stay on them, the higher chances of having depression and anxiety. Over 200 million people worldwide live with depression, and about 40 million Americans have anxiety disorders. Through medication, self-help and reflection, you can steer away from these disorders. Instead of letting your life spiral out of control, check out these easy ways to get out of your head. 



One of the first ways to get out of your head is to take a step back and meditate. Meditating helps refocus your mind, energy and self. All it takes is 10 minutes of meditation a day to feel recharged and refreshed. Just behind yoga, it is the second most popular mind and body practice in the United States. Next time you find yourself getting stuck in your head, close your eyes, take a deep breath and meditate. 



Sometimes all it takes to make you mentally feel better is to exercise. Exercising releases dopamine and serotonin, the two things that make you feel happy and content. Any time you stress out, a quick workout can help you find solutions by clearing your mind. Plus, you will be helping your body not only mentally but physically as well. 



Keeping in your feelings and thoughts will take a toll on you. Eventually, you will explode, whether that be through yelling, crying, endangering someone else or self-harm. Never let yourself get to that state. Instead, at the end of each day, write out all your thoughts and feelings. 


In this journal, explain how your day went, what you liked about it, what you did not like and anything else that will help you release negative and positive thoughts. Journaling is great for people who are not comfortable with expressing themselves with others. 


Focus on Someone Else

Whenever we get caught up in our own lives, we start to spiral out of control, especially when we are only focusing on the negative aspects. Instead of using all your energy on yourself, try to focus on someone else. Reach out to a family member or a friend to see how they are doing and make plans to see each other. While you cannot focus all your energy on them, it does help to keep you from getting stuck in your head. 


Visit Nature

Mother Nature has a way of making us feel at peace. The sounds, wind, fresh air, colors and animals all play a role in relaxing our bodies. Whenever you feel stressed, head outside to refresh yourself. Plus, vitamin C that you get naturally from the sun plays a huge role in helping us mentally and physically. If you have time or live near a park, go out and hike. Take pictures, notes and videos of what you see and experience. Then, every time you find yourself spiraling, pull out those items to help you relax. 


Talk it Out

Just like journaling, talking to someone helps relieve stress and negative thoughts. Whether you hire a therapist or just talk to a friend or family member, you feel better after letting some things off your chest. Remember that during these sessions, you should never feel bad about what you feel or think. Your opinions and feelings are valid. 


Focus on the Present

One of the reasons why people stay in their heads is because they focus on all the negative things from their past. Shake off those feelings by focusing on the present. List out all the positive things that are happening in your life at the moment. Recall all the happy moments you are having and have had in the past couple of days. Make a list of the people who make a difference in your life. The more you stay in the present, the happier you will feel. 


Massage Therapy

If you want to get out of your head and relax at the same time, try out a massage therapy session. A massage therapist will physically release all your stress and tension, so you feel relaxed and refreshed by the end of your appointment. Who doesn't love getting pampered and releasing stress at the same time? Plus, this form of getting out of your head can last weeks or months until you need another massage.



By following the steps above, you will get out of your head and live a successful and positive life. If you want to use massage therapy as a form of destressing, then let us help you at Extended Hands. To schedule your appointment, call or visit us today.