Vetiver | A Drop of Serenity


Probably one of the most diverse essential oils out in the world, Vetiver’s health benefits are extraordinary, to say the least. The oil is made from steam distillation of vetiver roots and the plant is a part of the grass family. So even if in its plant-form it isn’t the prettiest to look at, the oil itself will make you feel incredible.

Emotional Ease

As the title suggests, one of the qualities Vetiver is known for is bringing a sense of calming and serenity to its user. It is a nervine, or a tonic for the nerves. It not only calms you, but helps your nerves recover from shock and stress. Also a sedative, this oil helps those that struggle with nervousness, epilepsy, insomnia and more.


Being a tonic, Vetiver helps your body with overall maintenance. This oil tones your body from head to toe, making sure it is performing to its highest potential. Other rejuvenating qualities in this small, but mighty, package are that it can be used as an anti-inflammatory, it boosts your immune system, assists your nervous system, and so much more!

Beauty & Healing

To add to its amazingness, Vetiver is also wonderful for healing and skin. It has cicatrisant properties that help scars disappear through the formation of new, healthy skin tissue. Along with that, it is often used to help treat stretch marks after pregnancy. This formation of new skin tissue also makes Vetiver a great agent for helping heal wounds and protect from infection.


As you can see, the healing powers of this essential oil from a simple root are absolutely amazing…and endless! With all of the qualities mentioned, Vetiver also acts as an antiseptic and aphrodisiac, while also helping with arthritis, gout, and dry skin. Are you in need of some healing? Essential oils are key components of our massage, so make sure to schedule yours today!