• Swedish Relaxation Massage
The Swedish massage is one of the more popular massage techniques.  A New York Times article said that a 45-minute massage can help you experience a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.  This massage uses the hands, forearms and elbows to help stimulate blood circulation and increase relaxation while loosening up the tension in your muscles.
• Therapeutic Massage
The goal of this massage is to gain a therapeutic benefit - clearing the head, relaxation.  It's really depends upon what you are looking for when you are getting the massage.  This is considered to be more theraputic than stretching out the muscles (although that is part of the massage).  Let me know what you would like from the massage, and I can help you achieve maximum relaxation.
• Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy refers to specific areas where "knots" are commonly found.  We have all had them before, generally at the more stressful times in our lives.  Get a trigger point therapy massage to relieve the knot and stress in your life.  Call today!
• Myofascial Release
It's a lesser known massage approach, but it serves as a top form of soft tissue therapy that treats pain and motion pain in individuals.  This is often the massage of choice if you have acute or chronic pain, postural problems, headaches or movement restrictions due to illness or injury.
• Deep Tissue Massage
This is designed to relieve stress tensino in connective tissues.  This does not mean that lots of force will be used during the massage, but rather it is a massage that will help your muscles that are deep in layers.  This is the massage I would recommend if you have chronic pain, limited mobility, ostearthiritis pain, posture problems or just have general discomfort with your body.  Give me a call today to find out if this massage is recommended for you.
• Chair Massage
The old-faithful of massages, the chair massage will help loosen up the muscles that are bringing your body the most tension.  Do you sit at a desk for the majority of the day?  A chair massage might be just what the doctor (or you!) ordered.  I offer one-of-a-kind chair massage that utilizes many different techniques to loosen up your muscles, tension and increase the overall relaxation of your body.  Ask me about some of our techniques, I would be happy to inform you!
• Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massages are known by some as the most relaxing massage around.  The heat from the stones warm up tight muscles and help make you feel relaxed.  In a matter of minutes your stress and tension will be loosened, and you will dive into a relaxation state.  To the eye the stones don't look comfortable, but with proper massage techniques they can be invigorating, try it for yourself!