Banish the Winter Blues: The Best Ways to Lift Your Mood

We’re all ready for the return of spring and warmer weather along with it, but unfortunately, it can’t come soon enough! During the winter months, we can feel like we’re in a bit of a rut because of the shorter days and cold weather which prevent us from getting outside to soak up that much-needed vitamin D. For some, the winter blues can even turn into a condition called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” which is a type of depression that can severely affect daily life.


Although you should absolutely see a doctor if your symptoms are severe, there are some things you can do at home to help relieve these feelings and get back to feeling your best!



It has been well documented that excessive social media use can cause depression in individuals. Constantly seeing others having fun and living seemingly perfect lives can make us look at our own more critically. In winter, we’re also probably spending more time than usual indoors scrolling through Facebook or Instagram endlessly.


To make sure that you’re using social media in a healthy way, try to limit yourself to checking your accounts only once or twice per day. Instead, make an effort to schedule face-to-face social time with your friends or family! It will help you get out of the house and focus on the real world instead of the virtual world.


Get Up and Move

This one is easier said than done! There’s no better feeling than cozying up on your couch after a long day at work to watch some Netflix or read a good book. Especially if you’re located farther north, it’s already dark when you get home, and so, so hard to motivate yourself to exercise! However, getting even a small amount of physical activity in per day improves your mood drastically, so it’s important to fit it in.


If motivating yourself to get to the gym is too much for you in the freezing cold, there are plenty of at-home workouts that you can do without stepping foot outside! YouTube is a great source for videos from cardio to yoga. Try starting with just 15 minutes a day and take note of how it makes you feel!


Treat Yo’self!

Making sure that you’re taking enough time for yourself is another great way to lift the spirits! No, that doesn’t mean taking more time to watch TV or scroll through social media like we talked about earlier! This should be a time to restore your mind and body away from screens and the distractions of everyday life.


One way to insert relaxation into your day is to end the day by soaking in the bath with Epsom salts and essential oil. Clary sage oil is one of our favorites to reduce anxiety and depression caused by the busyness of the world around us. Use a couple drops in your bath to whisk your worries away.


Of course, massage is another way to treat yourself during the long and cold winter (or year-round!) Contact us today to experience for yourself how massage can make a difference in your body and also your mind.