The Best Exercises For You

Living healthier is important. You not only need to eat the right foods, but you also need to include exercising in your daily routine. When you keep moving, you burn calories and strengthen your muscles. But can you still exercise when you have limitations like spinal pain or poor joints? The answer is yes! Some exercises and activities are good for individuals that have limitations. Keeping the jarring to a minimum can reduce the pain or discomfort in your joints and back. The low impact exercises like walking or tai chi are good examples. 


If you have limitations, you should consult your doctor before beginning any type of exercise routine.



The first healthy exercise you can add to your daily routine is walking. Walking is great because it does not cause any impact on the joints or spine. Walking allows you to get your body moving and burn calories. Some additional health benefits from walking include:


- Lower cholesterol.

- Lower blood pressure.

- Improve your mood.

- Reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes.


When you add walking to your daily routine, you should start slowly. Begin by walking for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Walk at your own pace. Do not try to power walk on day one because it can cause you to have sore muscles the next day or two. The idea is to build up to a faster and longer walk over time.


Swimming and Water Aerobics

Water exercises are other great ways to get active without adding pressure to your joints and spine. Since the water gives you buoyancy, the stress is no longer on your joints and spine. There are two different ways to exercise in the water: swimming and water aerobics.


While both burn calories, one is mainly done individually while the other is done in a group. If you decide to start swimming, you can find an open swim at your local pool. Here you can simply go and start swimming laps. However, registration is a must for the water aerobics class. The instructor for the water aerobics class needs to know the number of students so it can run efficiently and effectively.


Remember, with any exercise you need to start slow and build up your stamina. Do not start out trying to swim 50 laps on day one. Begin with walking the shallow end of the pool for a couple of laps. If you are starting water aerobics, do what you can. Do not push through everything because you will feel it in the morning. The benefits from both swimming and water aerobics include:


- Less pain or discomfort in your joints.

- It helps improve your mood.

- Burns calories. 


Strength Training

Another thing you need to keep in mind when starting an exercise routine is your muscles. You cannot neglect them. As you get older, your muscles become weaker. So, you need to strengthen them with some weight training. Do not worry; you will not be bulking up those muscles. You are just keeping them strong and fit.


Weight training has a couple of health benefits. These benefits include:


- Increasing muscle mass.

- Increasing burnable calories.

- Maintaining your weight.


When you add weight training to your exercise routines, you may feel soreness in your muscles. That is normal because you are using muscles that have not been used in a while. Listen to your body. If you are too sore, you may want to alternate with another exercise like walking or swimming.


Tai Chi

Another great low impact exercise is the Chinese martial arts form, Tai Chi. Tai Chi is the fluid movement of pushing and pulling. While you are performing each of the techniques, you learn proper breathing techniques and posture. Tai Chi offers many benefits which include:


- Increases your balance.

- Increases relaxation and calmness.

- Teaches meditation.

- Great for all ages.

- No impact or stress on joints.

- It helps stretch muscles.


You can find Tai Chi classes throughout your neighborhood. Many times your local community center will offer classes. But, you can also check with the martial arts schools in your area for classes and times.


After Your Workout

When you begin exercising, your muscles will become sore. That is common because you do not often use those muscles. You can help the soreness go away by stretching and massage therapy. Massage therapy will help you get the toxins out of the muscles, allowing them to repair and heal. For more information on massage therapy after workouts or to schedule your therapy session, contact Ann at Extended Hands.