The Healing Effects of Music

Music is truly a great healer. It can have an immensely calming effect on the body and help to ease stress. People use music to improve mood and reduce stress in several ways, often without noticing it. Further, spas and other therapeutic settings often use music in conjunction with massage to get the most beneficial experience for their customers and patients. Keep reading to learn about the calming effects of music, how it can be used to reduce stress and learn why it is often used in conjunction with massage therapy.


Music Reduces Stress and Lessens Anxiety

Music is uniquely attached to human emotions. Researchers have discovered that listening to music can be so powerful that it changes the way the brain functions, similar to how medication does. Listening to music releases endorphins in the brain, which produces a feeling of excitement. Endorphins can also soothe anxiety, ease pain and stabilize the immune system. When endorphin levels are high, people have experienced fewer negative effects of stress.

The music with beats that tend to reduce stress the most include: 

  • Native American
  • Celtic
  • Indian stringed instruments
  • Drums
  • Flutes
  • Sounds from nature
  • Light jazz
  • Classical
  • Easy Listening

Although the above types of music have proven to be effective for many people, every person’s response is different, and the type of music that works best is wholly dependent on the individual.


Music Improves Sleep Quality

Lack of sleep can leave anyone tired, cranky and stressed. Thankfully, music can have such a soothing effect on the body, that it can help to bring anyone into a state of relaxation that promotes restfulness and sleep. Studies have shown that both quality of sleep and symptoms of depression were significantly reduced in participants who listened to music for 45 minutes right before bedtime. Ultimately, people who listened to music before going to bed slept better, longer and with fewer distractions, leading to better moods and reduced stress during wakeful hours.


Music Improves Workouts

It is no secret that working out on a regular basis has many physical benefits. It also has psychological benefits, including improving mood and reducing stress. Adding music doubles down on these benefits, making the entire process more enjoyable, easier to get through, and ultimately improving your overall health. 


Music in Meditation

Music is often used during meditation because it helps to reduce stress and increases focus. Meditation music is easy to find, so you can easily listen whenever the need or desire to meditate arises. If you are not into meditation, you can still listen to meditation music and get the same benefits of relaxation and calmness. 


Music Reduces Depression

The simple act of listening to music can also reduce feelings of depression. Listening to your favorite songs can quickly improve your mood and make negative feelings of depression fade away. If you suffer from clinical depression or have other serious depression issues, you can even engage in music therapy that can help you improve your overall mental health. 


Music Enhances Focus

One reason music is a popular accompaniment to so many activities is that it helps people maintain focus on whatever task is at hand. It is easy to let your mind wander to other responsibilities instead of whatever task needs to be done at a particular moment. Listening to music allows you to anchor yourself to the moment and enjoy whatever you are doing. It even works when you are engaging in the most tedious and strenuous tasks.  


Music Helps You Tune Into Your Emotions

The hectic pace of everyday life can often make it easy to lose track of how we feel emotionally. Your emotions can fluctuate in response to triggers throughout the day leaving you wrung out, stressed out, and even confused about how to feel at the end of the day. When this happens day after day, it can have an overall negative effect on our lives. Listening to music can help you tune in to your emotions so you can process them properly and sort out your reactions before you experience long term ill effects. 

Since music has so many awesome benefits, massage therapists naturally like to add it to their sessions. Combining the healing benefits of both creates the best possible experience for their clients. Be sure to discuss your music preferences with your massage therapists to get the most out of your next massage.


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