How essential oils are used in massage therapy

Essential Oil Containers

Massage therapy has many benefits for the mind and body. Stress reduction, reducing muscle tension and pain and decreasing depression are just a few of the fantastic benefits. But, did you know that you can get even more from your massage when you use essential oils? Increasingly popular in recent years, essential oils are being used by many people in their home for all kinds of uses. Essential oils are a powerful way to enhance your massage experience as well as promote relaxation and healing for your body.


What are essential oils?

Essential oil is a robust and condensed distillation of a plant or flower material. They are made by exposing a plant or flower to steam or water (depending on the type of distillation technique) and collecting the potent oil that it creates. Different oils are used for their scents and health benefits.


Essential oils can be used aromatically or applied to the skin. Almost all essential oils must be mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba, olive, avocado, coconut oil or others if you put them on your skin. If used aromatically, essential oils are put into a diffuser which creates a fine mist. Either way they are used, essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effectively change your body chemistry. Depending on their type, essential oils can relax, invigorate and even improve your circulation or balance your hormones.


Which essential oils work well for a massage?

There are many oils with many benefits, but here are a few that are most generally used for massage:

●     Lavender (pain relief, insomnia, stress reducer)

●     Bergamot (depression, mood improvement)

●     Geranium (hormonal issues in women, improves skin)

●     Peppermint (mental alertness, muscle aches)


These oils and others can also be used aromatically during your massage. Be sure to talk with your massage therapist about what symptoms you want to improve so that they can craft a mixture tailored to your needs.


Find out how essential oils can help you

Any massage techniques can be enhanced with essential oils. Whether you prefer a light touch, deep tissue or Swedish massage, essential oils can boost the benefits of your massage therapy. You can extend the benefits of your massage by using potent essential oils for relaxation. Would you like to experience the benefits of essential oils firsthand? Schedule an appointment with Ann today!