What are Bath Salts and the Benefits?

The body consists of minerals and elements. Each of the elements and minerals needs replenishment. The replenishment can come in the form of vitamins, food, drink or other supplements like bath salts. The absorption of minerals through the skin can come from various bath salts.

Bath salts do not just replenish minerals in the body. The salts can also provide health benefits to an individual. Some of the uses of bath salts go back to home remedies. These home remedies pass from generation to generation.


Bath Salts

When choosing a bath salt, the combination of sea salt and essential oils provide different results. For example, a bath salt with lavender, sage or chamomile can relax and reduce stress. Essential oils detox the body and help improve one’s feelings, mood, and health.

Bath salts look like large crystals. The infusion of the essential oils becomes captured in the salt crystals. When the crystals dissolve in water like a bath or soaking tub, they release the aroma. Purchasing bath salts is easy. Bath salts are found in retail stores like Walmart, Bath and Body, and other various retail stores. Bath salts can also be bought online.


Benefits from Bath Salts

The benefits of bath salts:

  • Increasing happiness and wellbeing - lavender, sage or chamomile.
  • Relief of tension and stress - juniper, mandarin or bergamot.
  • Removal of impurities - sandalwood, tea tree or geranium.
  • Relieve sore muscles and pain - lemongrass, eucalyptus or peppermint.

Each benefit relates to certain aromas.


Epsom Salt

Magnesium sulfate has a more common name, Epsom salt. Epsom salt looks similar to regular table salt. Epsom salt is not generally used for consumption because of the bitter taste. Instead, dissolve the salt in a bath to create many health benefits. You can find the salt in grocery or drug stores near the cosmetics or pharmacy section.

To prepare an Epsom salt bath, dissolve two cups of salt into a standard bathtub. If you want to dissolve the salt faster, add the salt to the running warm water.  Once the bath is ready, soak for at least 15 minutes.

Epsom salt also has uses as beauty products. To use the Epsom salt as an exfoliant, dampen a half teaspoon with water and massage onto your skin. Another use for the salt is as a hair conditioner. Rub the mixture into your hair and leave it in for 20 minutes to give your hair more volume.


Epsom Salt Benefits

The benefits of Epsom salt include:

  • Providing your body with magnesium.
  • Promotes sleep.
  • Reduces stress.
  • It creates a calming effect after an Epsom bath.
  • It helps with constipation.
  • Reduces soreness of muscles.
  • Relieves cramping.
  • Reduces pain and swelling.
  • Exfoliant for the skin.


Massage Therapy with Salts

Although it is not uncommon for massage therapists to use essential oils during the massage to help reach the goals of each individual, combining the use of bath salts is something that is different and an individual taste.

For more information on the use or benefits of bath or Epsom salts, contact massage therapist Ann at Extended Hand Massage Therapy.